PSI of Oregon - Paranormal Studies and Investigations

The P.S.I. mentality, is to enter a location [with owners permission] that is purportedly haunted with scientific equipment and tried theories to gather video footage and audio recordings, and other technical readings. After an investigation, the team will go through the footage thoroughly, to look for any anomalies.

Our main purpose is to, hopefully, find a natural cause for the activity. By attempting to recreate the circumstance of the anomaly, we can further determine whether it is man made, or truly unexplainable. Anything that we are sure cannot be recreated, is shown to those who asked for the investigation.

Please take a moment to follow the links below; get to know each of us as individuals as well as a productive and enthusiastic Team. Read a bit about the Paranormal, our techniques and equipment, our cases, and then decide for yourself if our services would benefit you and your situation.

If you are interested in becoming a PSI of Oregon Team Member, please email us at to request an application. Please note that not all applications are approved and not all applicants will become PSI Team Members.

Please keep in mind that we never charge for an investigation, no matter how much or how little time it may require. Anyone wishing to to donate to our Team may do so below. Donations, also, are never required, but greatly appeciated.

Follow the link below to purchase Ghosthunting Oregon by PSI of Oregon founder, Donna Stewart!

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The PSI of Oregon shop does not exist to make profit. The purpose behind our shop is to fund our research, investigations and out-of-town investigation expenses, as well as equip the team with new and up-to-date equipment.

So keep us in mind if you are looking for something slightly out of the ordinary! We have everything from Paranormal Books, DVD's, Apparel, Zombies, Gothic, Horror Comics, Candles and Incense, Sage, Jewelry, Limited Edition Ghostbusters and Zombie Energy Drinks, and much more!

We also continuously accept donation for PSI of Oregon's Project Hope, in which we help feed and clothe our community's homeless, one step at a time.